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Haut Monde

Best Luxury Hotel in Gurgaon

Best Luxury Hotel in Gurgaon

Stay At The Best Luxury Hotel in Gurgaon with Swimming Pool

We all love to stay at luxury hotels with amazing views and swimming pools and get the best guest treatment from them. However, most of us cannot afford to stay in these hotels even though we want to. Well, Haut Monde is one of the luxury hotels in gurgaon where you can stay at an affordable rate and enjoy the best hotel services. The Haut Monde is one of the top business hotels in Gurgaon, established by Continel Hotels and Resorts, which is fully furnished with a fusion of luxury decor and a pristine ambiance.

Rooms of Haut Monde hotel

At Haut Monde, we provide several types of rooms, each with special features that make your stay comfortable, unique, enjoyable, and worth the money, which makes us one of the best hotels in Gurgaon.

Premium Rooms

At Haut Monde by Continel Hotels and Resorts in Gurgaon, the Premium Rooms are spacious and have a beautiful atmosphere. We ensure that the space is professionally and elegantly decorated. We provide several amenities in these rooms, like air conditioning, 24-hour room and laundry services, and free Wi-Fi. While you are there, you are also given the advantage of a complimentary breakfast.
The other features of these rooms include discounts on food and beverages and laundry. When you arrive at our hotel, we will welcome you with drinks. Moreover, children under 5 can enjoy a complimentary stay without an additional bed.

Deluxe Rooms

Our Haut Monde hotel in gurgaon is famous for its luxurious Deluxe Rooms, which are the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication. The accommodations have gentle colours, textures, and amenities like air conditioning, round-the-clock room and laundry services, and free Wi-Fi. Similar to the Premium Rooms, you can enjoy a complimentary breakfast. Additional features include tea and coffee makers, internet access, room service, wardrobe, television, and minibars.


One of the best budget hotels in gurgaon, Haut Monde offers you a wealth of amenities and services in its Suites and exudes an increased level of luxury and relaxation. The Suite is the best room available in the hotel and, therefore, is the most comfortable. Moreover, we use warm colours in the Suite's aesthetic design, which provides a cozy and practical stay. The Suite's amenities are similar to that of a Deluxe Room with televisions, room and laundry services, minibars, electric kettles, and wardrobes.

Other Features of Hotel Haut Monde in Gurgaon


At Haut Monde, we provide you with two restaurants, the Citron Restaurant and the HR 26 by Armory. The Citron Restaurant provides you with the delectable treats of opulent delights, along with a variety of cuisines and a posh atmosphere. The HR 26, on the other hand, is a winner in every way regarding the best drinks from all over the world. The bar provides a great atmosphere that gives you the ideal place to unwind and relax. We also provide you with small appetizers at the bar to go with the drinks.
We understand the importance of a superior quality restaurant and bar for the popularity of our hotel, and our staff works hard round the clock to provide our guests with the best experience. Our meals are healthy and made with proper care, and you can get them at affordable rates. Moreover, the drinks we serve are tasty and innovative. Our restaurants take care that they follow all the sanitary guidelines and guarantee you superior quality service.
Also, our restaurant workers are excelled in their service, and they will not be disappointing to you. We use fresh ingredients for our food and drinks since we focus on your health. Moreover, our food and drinks in both Citron Restaurant and HR 26 provide a cost-effective menu so that anyone can afford them during their stay.
Our top restaurants go above and beyond to provide you with a wonderful eating experience. We know that a satisfying dining experience guarantees a restaurant's success rather than survival. Giving you a nice, joyful, and delightful dining experience is a key component of our strategies for generating repeat business.

Swimming Pools

hotel haut monde gurgaon is famous for its beautiful aesthetic and views. We believe your stay is luxurious, relaxing, and stress-free if our hotel's clean and beautiful surroundings. We have a swimming pool that makes your stay fun-filled. Therefore, if you are searching for hotels in Gurgaon with swimming pool, you must come to Haut Monde. You can relax in or by the swimming pool during your stay. We also offer our swimming pool party, and if you want to host a party on your birthday or other occasions, don't hesitate to contact us. You will also have an indoor heated swimming pool.


Haut Monde's success also depends on its location. We know the best areas for guests to stay in Gurgaon, especially for business purposes. Our hotel's location is such a place that every major point of Gurgaon is easily accessible, whether you come for business or vacations. This world-class hotel is only 6.5 kilometres from the Gurgaon railway station while only 17 kilometres away from New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport. Moreover, you will find the renowned locations of Gurgaon like IFFCO Chowk, Unitech Business Park, MG Road, Kingdom of Dreams, Cyber City, Signature Towers, and convenient proximity.

Why should you choose to stay in Hotel Haut Monde in Gurgaon?

There are plenty of reasons why you must opt for our services whenever you come to Gurgaon. Some of them are:

• We provide 24x7 hospitality and room service to all our guests, and our laundry service is not additionally priced. Our laundry services are far lesser than most hotels, which makes us unique. Also, no matter in which room or Suite your stay, we will provide you with free laundry services. Also, our staff is extremely friendly and helpful and will patiently walk you through the whole billing process. Moreover, you get free Wi-Fi, breakfast, comfortable furniture, clean bedding, and other services.
• We are aware that one of the keys to success is putting the needs and expectations of the customers first and recognizing and meeting those wants and expectations. We provide excellent-quality customer service, including addressing clients by name and acknowledging them whenever they arrive. Haut Monde, Gurgaon hotel booking is easy and friendly, and you can complete them without difficulty. We provide you with a thorough bill when you check out.
• Lastly, we understand the importance of an affordable cost, and therefore, we are committed to giving all of you excellent service within a cost-efficient budget. Don't worry; no matter the budget, we don't compromise our service quality. Thus, you get an elegant experience that won't cost a fortune since our services are reasonably priced. Also, our rooms have a basic decor that evokes a nostalgic feeling, and you will have a homely feeling during your stay.

Haut Monde is one of the top hotels in Gurgaon that provides memorable experiences within a reasonable budget. Moreover, you can also enjoy the pleasure of the indoor and outdoor swimming pools here. Our hotel is excellent for business since we have fully furnished corporate and meeting rooms where you can conduct business meetings. Contact us if you want to stay in the best hotel in Gurgaon.