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Difference between Hospitality and Hotel Management

Difference between Hospitality and Hotel Management

What is the Difference between Hospitality and Hotel Management?

A family books one of the best hotels in Gurgaon for a weekend party. What they will be expecting is a warm reception from the staff followed by proper customer services and a nice time. Hospitality and hotel management are segments that deal with these factors.
The hospitality and hotel management domain is an integral part of the tourism industry. The major courses associated with this sector are earning immense popularity. It is to be noted the travel and tourism industry has a major contribution to the total worldwide GDP which is about 10.4%.
The chains, hospitality, and hotel management are witnessing rapid growth in their respective sectors. But, both of these branches of the travel industry differ in certain segments from each other. Now, we will be detailing the significant differences between hospitality and hotel management.

What is Hospitality Management?

Hospitality Management exclusively deals with the study of the hospitality industry. A student may acquire a degree in this field from any relevant university or business school. This particular field covers the topics related to hotels, restaurants, cruise centers, entertainment, and amusement hubs, etc. With a degree in this field, the students get skilled in every sector related to hospitality management. To be more precise, the main topics covered in this industry are:

  • •Travel and tourism
  • •Event Planning
  • • Hotels, Resorts such as resorts in Gurgaon for weekends, Restaurants, and amusement hubs.

What is Hotel Management?

Hotel Management is the branch of the tourism industry that primarily deals with the aspects of management components associated with hotel administration, marketing sectors, stuffs related to housekeeping, maintenance and servicing facilities, catering methods, and so on. Differing from the hospitality management sector, hotel management signifies the dealings of the hotel functions and others. The reputed hotels all across in general or the best hotels in Gurgaon to be particular excels in all the fields related to management and reception.

Differences between Hospitality and Hotel Management

Both the branches of the travel and tourism industry, hotel and hospitality management have some basic differences. Many students find it confusing regarding which career option to go for between these two branches. This guide can give you more clarity regarding the distinction between these two. We will analyze the main differences now, based on the five significant factors.

1: Field of Work

The main point of difference between the two is their areas of work. In hotel management, the dealings are regarding the managing of hotels, lodges, cruise ships, resorts, amusement parks, etc. India holds major significance for being a vital tourism center and consists of many reputed hotels and lodges. Hotel management is operating and adjusting the day-to-day works.
Again, hospitality management is a broad concept. It covers all the major areas that deal with the concept of people management, reception, and customer services. The centers can be anywhere like clubs, casinos, parties, conference centers, business hubs, and so on.

2: Employment Opportunities

In terms of job opportunities, anyone can have enormous career options in the hotel and restaurant hubs and travel industry. One can have exclusive work experience with these sectors and one can find a bright career lying in front of them.
Again, in terms of job opportunities, the scope for hospitality management is wide. An individual isn't limited to work in hotel chains only rather, can explore vast career opportunities in HR, marketing areas, finance, and other administrative sectors.

3: Work Responsibilities

Concerning regular responsibilities, both these branches have many similarities. In hotel management, the core job of the manager is to look after the functionalities of every department and how efficiently they are operating. He also needs to manage the well being of the guests and ensure they have quality time there. From reception desks to room services and housekeeping facilities, everything needs to be satisfying to the visitors. There are many popular resorts in Gurgaon for weekends where travelers travel all around the year. The hotel manager must act in accordance with the popularity of the resort.
The day-to-day responsibilities in Hospitality management have similarities to that of hotel management ethics but on a slightly different note. Other than looking after the satisfaction of the guests, the hospitality managers greet the visitors' in-person and inquire about their experience. The same is true for many reputed brands and organizations. For example, even if a family is residing at one of the low budget hotels in Gurgaon, the reception must be such that there is no scope for complaints.

4: Aim of the two fields

Regarding the major orientation factors, the two branches of the tourism industry have several differences. In hotel management, the aspirants are trained on how to run each department of the hotel with great ease and efficiency. The manager is well trained to take care of the guests and operations going on in the hotel.
Hospitality management is dealing with people. It ensures the visitors are completely satisfied with the services and their time in the hotel, lodge, club, or casino, wherever they are visiting. A skilled hospitality manager is the one who can convert a normal customer experience into an extraordinary one.

5: Significance of the Industry

India is a major tourist attraction for people all around the world. Every year, the country has an ample number of guests visiting the best tourist locations. An instance includes, Gurgaon hotel booking are massive each year. It signifies the vitality of hotel chains. Therefore, the hotel management industry has enormous scope to grow vehemently in India. Hence, it can be concluded that the hotel management sector is solely associated with the travel and tourism industry.
Hospitality management is more about people management. Hence, this industry isn't limited to any particular segment rather the scopes are vast. Many reputed brands and companies hire hospitality specialists or managers to operate guest relations, meetings, ceremonies, corporate parties, and more.
Therefore, it is noted that hotel management has a few limitations. It only operates within the hotel chains or lodges. On the other hand, the hospitality management industry is diversified outside the restaurant and hotel chains and has broader opportunities. Hence, these days the aspirants in hospitality management programs are rapidly increasing.