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Haut Monde

Meeting rooms in Gurgaon

Meeting rooms in Gurgaon

Compared to separate conference facilities or hotels without rental function spaces, hotels with conference rooms have a variety of significant advantages. Therefore if you are searching for hotels with meeting rooms in Gurgaon, you should come to Hotel Haut Monde. The top business hotel in Gurgaon is Hotel Haut Monde by Contitel Hotels and Resorts, which is embellished with a fusion of luxury decor and a pristine ambience. This hotel is located in such an area of Gurgaon that it offers and opulent atmosphere for business and leisure tourists. It is a touch of both luxury and comfort.

Get the best conference hall in Gurgaon thanks to hotel Haut Monde

If you are a businessman or a corporate worker, you must look for hotels with conference rooms to hold important conferences with your national or international clients. Thanks to Hotel Haut Monde, your problem is now solved. First, the hotel is in the central location of Gurgaon, a hub of corporate and businesses. Secondly, we provide the ultimate benefits for a professional and elegant conference meeting in our hotel.

Our conference hall in gurgaon meets all of your expectations and beyond. The space of our meeting room is sizeable enough to accommodate the anticipated number of conference attendees, this your attendees will not suffocate in a tiny space. Moreover, we also offer you a variety of sitting options. Our meeting rooms offer flexible services, so if you don't want to meet in a conference room, but over lunch or dinner, we provide the required services and opportunities so that you can have your meeting without being interrupted by the hotel staff or the guests.

Moreover, we thrive to provide you with all the privacy you want for your business or other meetings. Therefore, our meeting rooms are not made of glass, but it is a walled buildings. When giving speeches or presentations, it is best to do so from inside a walled building to maximize performance. Glass constructions cause distractions, and we take care that you are not distracted while giving out important, impactful speeches.

Also, meeting rooms provide you with a serene environment. You need not worry about your gatherings being disturbed by a maelstrom of noises because, at Hotel Haut Monde, we understand that you won't be able to converse effectively if your conference space is constantly filled with distracting noise. Plus, meeting rooms are for professional talks and discussions, so we make sure that our meeting rooms have all the latest technical types of equipment you require to conduct your meeting.

Other additional features of Haut Monde for corporate meetings

Haut Monde is not only famous for meeting rooms in Gurgaon, but it is also equally famous for its amazing accommodation features for guests coming for these meetings. We provide three types of suites for our guests. These are:
• Deluxe rooms
• Premium Rooms
• Suites

All our rooms are fully furnished with free Wi-Fi, television sets, coffee and tea makers, wardrobes, minibars, and proper internet. At Haut Monde, there is central air conditioning in every room. Additionally, you also have free breakfast alternatives available. Moreover, product-launch events are hassle-free when held in our corporate or board meeting spaces. You also have access to rooms with free Wi-Fi. You also receive room and laundry services as part of the package. Thus, whether you come for a business meeting or a leisure stay, we will offer you every single advantage you want during your stay.

Haut Monde is a hotel in Gurgaon with swimming pools. Therefore, if you want to conduct business parties by the poolside, you have come to the right place. We can schedule pool parties for you on the hotel grounds. However, you can also plan your events according to your requirements. We have two swimming pools for you, an indoor heated pool and an outdoor one. You can choose anyone you want for your business meeting attendees. Moreover, even if you are not conducting a pool party for your business attendees, they can take a break from all the business discussions and hang around the swimming pools if they want to.

Our hotel has two great restaurants: Citron Restaurant and HR 26 by Armory. While you get all types of cuisines in the Citron Restaurant, the HR 26 greets you with a diverse range of drinks. We extend our meeting room services to our restaurants so that you can discuss business things with your attendees over a lavish lunch or dinner. Don't worry; we care that nobody should cause any distractions, even on the busiest restaurant days. Thus, Haut Monde offers you many opportunities and ways to conduct business meetings, and you can choose any one you want as per your wish.

Haut Monde is the ultimate solution for conference meetings in Gurgaon

As previously said, Haut Monde is a hotel in Gurgaon, which is extremely beneficial if you are looking to conduct your business or other meetings at a hotel. The hotel's founder, the Contitel Group, is known for its amazing hotels and resorts, which are advantageous to those coming for vacations and those looking for a professional setting at a hotel to conduct meetings.

We are an experienced hotel in business operations, and we know exactly everything you require for a flawless business conference and presentation. We have designed our hotel rooms so that you won't be distracted by anything in them. Furthermore, we offer plenty of other things you can do during your stay at the hotel due to meetings. Thus, if you are searching for hotels where you can conduct a pool party in gurgaon, by all means, contact us.

Additionally, our rooms and restaurants provide you with the best of our hotel at affordable rates. Therefore, when you are not busy conducting meetings in the meeting rooms or hanging out by our swimming pools, you can enjoy a delectable selection of food and drinks at our restaurants.

If you search for hotels with meeting rooms in Gurgaon, you must conduct Haut Monde. Our friendly and welcoming service is bound to please you.